Line Up

Luther Relives

William “SMOOTH” Wardlaw embodies he sound and style of Luther and wraps it up with his own distinctive flavor. His distinctive brand of satin-smooth vocal magic moves audiences everywhere.

Close your eyes for a moment and listen. Do you hear Luther? Smooth is a great singer and fantastic entertainer that is burning up the country to sold-out audiences. He has a striking resemblance to the late, great Luther Vandross. He looks like, talks like, laughs like and YES, SINGS LIKE LUTHER!

Everyone has a favorite Luther song; what’s yours? Few artists capture not only the audience, but also their heart; Luther Vandross was one of those. So, it is out of love, respect, and honor that we designed this tribute to the Legendary Luther Vandross. You don’t want to miss this ensemble with awesome chemistry; including a full 8-piece band “Las Vegas Style Show,” which includes lights, choreography, costume changes and effects that deliver!

Julia Chisholm

Melvin Davis, President of Coffy Productions is honored to introduce you to a uniquely gifted singer/songwriter Julia Chisholm.

This one is special, says Melvin.  First and foremost, Julia is Boston, born and bred; she is Boston Strong! Julia is one of those performers that can take a classic song and respectfully make it her own.

Julia’s vocal abilities formed at a young age. She was inspired and encouraged to develop her talents by her music teacher. As she learned to play one instrument, she gravitated to several other instruments. Becoming proficient at playing the piano, violin, drums and bass guitar!  Her favorite genres are Pop and R&B. As mentioned, Julia is also a songwriter with over 300 songs in her repertoire representing many different genres.

Julia went to the University of Massachusetts Amherst and majored in Sociology and Education. Even though her focus educationally was not music, the path she took still ended up with her career in the music industry. Shortly after graduation she started her professional music career singing as the lead singer for Carnival Cruise Lines rock band. After two years of sailing the seven seas, she graced some of Boston’s hot spots that showcases the best of local talents around town!

When asked, what do you hope to accomplish with your music? Julia responded by saying, “I have many stories to tell and I want to share my stories musically with the world.”  Julia has been inspired by songstress’ like Aretha Franklin, Adele and Alicia Keys.

Melvin is excited to be able to present this opportunity at Soul #35 so that Julia can tell her stories in song and inspire the audience with her style, talent and voice!